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Press Release!

October 22nd, 2020, will be a date for people who want better money habits to pay attention to.  Bill Bloom, RICP, is releasing his latest book, Money Habits For Success, along with the Your Money Journal, to empower others to have a bigger and better financial future.

Money Habits For Success was created for high school students as well as baby boomers so that they can learn the steps to an exceptional financial life.  Changing your financial future starts with a choice.  That means reading books, educating yourself and taking action.  The book Money Habits For Success is the education piece of the puzzle.  Your Money Journal is the application of the education.  The Your Money Journal is a tool that can be used to actually implement what was learned from reading Money Habits For Success.

Bill wrote these two books during the pandemic because he realized so many people were having money issues during these trying times.  He created these books so that it could be easy to read, easy to implement and easy to understand.  He wants to empower our youth by teaching them financial principles such a debt, credit cards, investing and mortgages.  These topics are not taught in our educational systems, and this is an opportunity to give our youth powerful information to start their careers on the right financial footing.  There are chapters dedicated to these topics in the new book.

Bill is the principle and owner of Bloom Financial located in Chicago, Illinois.  Bill is a Retirement Income Certified Professional and helps people “Retire As You Desire.”  For comments and interviews, Bill can be reached at:

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck