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Keeping Score


Tough times, we are in.




The global economy has slowed.




We have been in our homes now for a couple weeks.  I’m sure cabin fever is setting in…




At our home, it has been fun spending time with our baby boy.  He’s been trying new foods and playing a lot!






Here is a serious question:




Has your spending changed in the past two weeks?




Now that we are home practicing social distancing, we’re not spending money on coffee, lunches, or events after work.






Unfortunately, millions of people have been laid off of work.  3.3 Million people.  Last week’s jobs report was sobering.






With the stock market down, tax payments delayed until January, and opportunities to invest, now is a critical time for your money.




Over the next 3 days, keep track of all your spending.




Every penny.  Write it down.




Take out a sheet of paper, put it on your counter, table or desk, and simply write down what you spent money on.  Write down the amount, too.




This is a small task.  Start paying attention to your money and spending.  This is truly the key to having a better financial future.








Most of us spend like this unconsciously.  We are not fully aware of the consequences of our spending.




My next book is about how money works and how we are so unaware of our money habits.




Since we are spending more time at home, our spending has probably gone down.  Which is a good thing.  Take the next three days and keep track of your spending.




Send me an email after the three days.  Let me know how it goes and how it made you think about your money.












PS: I’m offering customized Retirement Income Plans.




If you have saved $500,000 or more, you may be surprised to see how much annual income you could receive.




If you have saved $1,000,000, you could be sitting on a great opportunity to receive meaningful retirement income streams.




In your customized retirement income plan, you receive a strategy that could show you how to have your money last a lifetime.




Just reply with “Retire As You Desire” in the subject line and I’ll get you all the details!



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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck