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It Always Comes Back

It Always Comes Back

Have you ever heard someone say that the stock markets will come back? The stock market always come back.


I know I have. I’ve heard it on TV, from others in the industry, but it makes one think…


What happens in the markets DON’T come back. And what if they don’t come back for years?


Here is an example:


Let’s look at the NIKKEI. This is the Japanese stock market. The link below shows a graph of their markets since inception.


Japan Stock Market Chart


Their markets reached their peak in 1989!


Yes, 1989!


38,957.44 was their highest value in 1989. In January of 2020, the highest value was 25,115.95.


That is a significant difference.


They have a developed market. They have a strong working economy. Yet, their stock market has not peaked since 1989.


Japan has been in a low to negative interest rate environment for years now.


Here in the United States, we are headed in the same direction. Lower and lower interest rates.


The moral of this story is you need to ask yourself where your retirement income is going to come from if our stock markets DO NOT appreciate over time.


Markets do not always have to go up. This is why it is so vital to have your retirement income streams in place BEFORE you retire.


This will allow the markets to do what they do, but your income could not be affected.








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If you have saved $500,000 or more, you may be surprised to see how much annual income you could receive.


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In your customized retirement income plan, you receive a strategy that could show you how to have your money last a lifetime.


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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck