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If you are not retired, work takes up a big portion of your time.  Would you agree?

7 days a week, multiplied by 24 hours, will give you 168 hours in a week.

Now, let’s take into consideration work and sleep.  Let’s say you work 60 hours a week. 

You are now down to 108 available hours in your week.

Sleep!  Yes, I love my sleep!  We have definitely been getting less of that lately with an eight-month baby at home.  It’s definitely worth the loss of sleep.  

If you can get your 8 hours in each night, that will equal 56 hours of rest a week. 

That leaves you with 52 hours left of your week.  Oh, how precious that time is.

After work and sleep, you are left with less than a third of your time available to grocery shop, go to the dry cleaner, take the dog to the vet, and try to have time to relax. 

I’m not even taking into consideration commuting time to get you to and from work. 

No wonder why it is so hard to get your financial life in order.  Most people have no time, yet it is such an important aspect of your life. 

Most people want to enjoy those free hours during the week, since there are not a lot available.  This is when a lot of your unconscious spending happens.  You want to live, relax and celebrate your life. 

Spending money brings joy to oneself.  Really think about how you are spending your money during your free time.  Also, think about how you can adjust your time in order to have a fun life


Bill Bloom, RICP®


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