Bloom Financial's Client Process

I have created a system call the Navigation Process that has helped many clients retire with confidence.  My goal for you is to Retire As You Desire with the lifestyle that you want.  Here are the steps that each client goes through when working with Bloom Financial:


1)  Right Fit Meeting - When we are introduced to a new person or couple, we have a Right Fit Meeting.  This is where we get to know one another.  We see if we could see ourselves working with one another for years to come.  It is a great opportunity to learn more about each other.  

2)  Retire As You Desire Meeting - In our second meeting, it is purly educational.  We will go through the heirarchy of retirement income planning, along with our bucket approach.  The bucket approach will educate you and show you where your future retirement income could come from.  This step will also show you how well your existing plan and investments will work for you in retirement.

3) Retire As You Desire Implimentation - In our third meeting, you will learn about new opportunities and investmenst that are customized for your needs.  You will receive a plan that can show you how you could Retire As You Desire with ongoing measurements to help keep you retired.

4)  Introduction Process - At Bloom Financial, we are so grateful to receive introductions to new clients.  That is how we grow.  We strive to give you a customized experience, fun client events and an ongoing relationship.  All of our retirement income plans are tailored only for you!  We do expect to work with Raving Fans, which are clients that want to tell their friends and family about us!  So please introduce your friends, family and co-workers about us and the work that we do.  We would love to help you and your introductions to be able to Retire As You Desire!


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